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Alone / Laurent Crouzet - Composer / Lyon (FRANCE)
Making music is like drawing, it's natural to open our practice to other fields in order to progress. I like to compose sounds for the movies, sometimes it's a real challenge to return an emotion in 10". I did'nt know the tape recording, I worked directly on digital soundbank and today we have a great tools for it. However I recording outside some natural or industrial sounds and it's always a good time.
YO.YO I Production0'12"
Renault Trucks0'10"
Alone / Laurent CROUZET - Composer / Rhone-Alpes (FRANCE)
route de Jarvonoz
01230 Saint-Rambert-En-Bugey
Alone / Laurent CROUZET - Composer / Rhone-Alpes (FRANCE)